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Create Stunning Keynotes with Free AI Presentation Tool

Artificial Intelligence tools are everywhere specially in improving productivity. Sometimes we need a keynote or presentation for an urgent pitch or to make people aware about a subject.

In some cases, we need urgent presentation to grab a project or initial communication. In this article, I will provide a detailed review and guide of AI for Presentation.

AI for Presentation! Is it worth?

Presentation should be detailed and well researched. One needs to invest good amount of time to create a nice presentation. But sometimes we need to present a topic on urgent basis. In case any medical emergency came in between and the presentation is not properly ready, we need something credible to just engage the audience.

AI generated presentations are quick and well researched. You can save time and deliver an urgent presentation anywhere, anytime.

How to Create Presentation with AI? is an amazing AI for Presentations & Keynotes. It is a story telling AI tool to generate a sequence of story boards based on an input.

Step by step guide to create a presentation

  • Sign up to Beta program of and create a team project. You can share the team project with other members in your team.
  • After signup, you will be taken to a dashboard. It allows you to edit some ready templates or create a fresh presentation.

Click on Create button on top-right corner and start a new presentation. A prompt box will open as “What would you like to do”. Select to “Create presentation about” option and write a brief about your presentation topic. For example, A Mission to Mars by ISRO. And press enter.

A complete presentation with an amazing headline is ready to present.

Here is an outstanding presentation created using AI tool in less than a minute.

Power of DALL-E for Images is integrated with DALL-E, another amazing AI for images. With DALL-E, you can generate images as per requirement. In AI tool, you have option to get images using DALL-E.

Dall-E is incredibly adept at identifying images and replicating their style, the proficiency isn’t born out of nowhere is also having integration with other interesting tools like Figma, Giphy, Framer etc.

Free vs. Pro Version

Like other Ai tools such as ChatGPT, also comes in a free as well as premium version. In free version, you get 500 credits to create AI generated presentations. Whereas, the Pro version comes with unlimited credits.

$0/ month


  • 500 AI Credits for Computation
  • Unlimited Individual Creation
  • Remove Branding
  • Export to PDF
$8/ month


  • Unlimited AI Computation
  • Unlimited Individual Creation
  • Remove Branding
  • Export to PDF

Refer and Earn Credits is also providing option to increase your AI credit by referring the application. You get 100 credits by referring someone. That person will also get 50 credits.


In case creating a presentation or keynote is a bit of headache for you, go ahead and use This amazing AI for presentation will help you create stunning & detailed presentations in less than a minute. Integration with DALL-E and other amazing tools make this app even better.

Are you going to use Do you think AI can generate or create better presentations than human? Share your thoughts about AI for Presentation in comment section below.

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